The Distinction Between ADHD and Fright Indicators

Per the CDC, 3 in 10 adolescents with ADHD also rating terror. The ADHD symptoms are so equivalent to terror, that often, the 2 in actuality are so related that that you simply would be in a position to well also very well be no longer obvious which is which. To reduction elevate awareness on dwelling with ADHD and terror, we made this video to highlight basically the most fundamental distinction between ADHD and depression.

As a disclaimer, affect NOT insist this video to self diagnose. The INTENT of this video is to bring awareness to the topic of ADHD and Fright.

Script Author: Isadora Ho
Script Editor: Syazwana Amirah
Script Supervisor: Kelly Soong
Animator: Lesly
Whine: Amanda Silvera
YouTube Supervisor: Cindy Cheong
Thumbnail by: Sam Rain

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