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[Note: this video is primarily spoken dialogue with occasional displayed text matching what Jess says. Visual elements are not described at this time.]

Jess speaking:
Right here is my top 3 ways to be an ally to folks who are neurodivergent.

1. Peep that folks are neurodiverse.
Correct take care of there’s differ in gender, ethnicity, understand coloration, and hair coloration, there would possibly well be differ within the methodology brains work. So don’t put a question to any individual else’s brain to work the same methodology yours does, or for something that labored for you, to work for them.

What’s cognitively easy for one person also can very effectively be truly cognitively now not easy for one other.

2. Hear to and imagine your neurodivergent associates.
When they present you how their brain works, imagine them! Correct on legend of you realize about autism or ADHD or learning disabilities in current, would now not point out you necessarily know how your individual coworker works.
However that stated, query for consent, on legend of now not every person is completely elated speaking about this, and even these who are, don’t necessarily truly feel completely elated speaking about it staunch then.

And at closing: 3. Encompass folks which shall be neurodivergent in insurance policies and functions which have an impact on them.
There are a vogue of functions and products and services which shall be intended to enhance folks which shall be neurodivergent. Advocate for your neurodivergent visitors, and be decided they’ve a seat at the table when insurance policies are mentioned.

Nothing about us, without us!

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