THIS is why people don’t like you 3-Steps to better ADHD Social Skills



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This episode is about Why People Don’t Like You. Three Steps to Develop ADHD social skills

When I was little, I wondered why no one wanted to play with my. Did it have to do with the fact that I was constantly teased by my peers about my poor vision, thick prism glasses, and extreme shyness? Erm, yeah. All that teasing made me feel naive and deprived of self-esteem. I was also anxious about speaking to strangers. Yes, ma’am and sir.
Was that a way to compound the social problems I was already likely experiencing as a result of undiagnosed ADHD. Well, Honey, hush!
These ingredients created a toxic stew that combined defensiveness, overcompensating and masking with a double dose naivete, making it difficult for others (whoever that might be) to get to know me. It was very difficult for those who knew me to keep a relationship or friendship with me.
This video will help you overcome social awkwardness. These tips will only work if you practice them. Get out of your head and have a conversation with someone. God bless you.


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