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Tara McGillicuddy and Lynne Edris discuss the 2022 Time to Thrive Program.

These last months have been difficult! This is your chance to get out of this crisis with the knowledge, skills and tools to succeed. Start 1/3 /22! the 4-Week Free Time to Thrive Program You can get help from #ADHD and #Productivity experts from the comfort of home. Stay at home. Stay safe. Keep connected. Take the time to thrive!

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Tara McGillicuddy, a friend, colleague, and community leader, is known for her dedication to deep, soulful, energetic-level shifts that are required in life. She is dedicated to helping you see your life clearly, to identify your blockages, to tune into the sacred energies, and to helping you build a life that works with precise steps and structure.

Tara is well-known and respected in the ADHD community. She has made tens of thousands of people’s lives better over the years through her practical and lasting shifts. Tara is a leader in this field, having created ADDClasses.com and ADHD Awareness Expo. She has also developed her abilities as an empath over the years. Her latest project, Empath Now, is a resource that empowers Empaths.


Lynne Edris is a podcast host and a Productivity and ADHD Coach. She helps distracted professionals all over the globe achieve their goals and take control of their lives so they can be more productive and have more time to do what is most important to them. Lynne, a wife and mother of ADHD, understands the challenges and struggles that ADHD can bring. She is now living a life full of success and fulfillment, instead of living in chaos, overwhelm, or underperformance as ADHD adults know. Her passion is helping others realize their potential and get “firing on all cylinders”. You can learn more about Lynne at www.CoachingADDvantages.com, and text keyword “HACK” to 33777 to get her 7 Fool-Proof Productivity Hacks for unfocused professionals!

ADHD Support Talk Radio is an award-winning podcast for adults with ADD / ADHD. Lynne Edris and Tara McGillicuddy, co-hosts, are joined by experts in Adult ADHD. They discuss important topics related to Adult ADD / ADHD. Dr. Edward Hallowell and Dr. Stephanie Sarkis are among the podcast guests. Dr. Ari Tuckman is Dr. Laurie Dupar, Terry Matlen, and Dr. Ari Tuckman are also present.

Tara McGillicuddy, the producer, owner and co-host of ADHD Support Talk Radio Podcast is Tara McGillicuddy. Tara can be reached for general questions and feedback regarding the podcast ,
Lynne Edris hosts the ADHD Support Talk Radio podcast. Lynne Edris can be reached to give feedback on her podcasts or if she is interested in interviewing you.


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