Treating ADHD

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Fitness coach, life coach, father of one Ralph Quillen is familiar with ADHD.

“I believe most parents are aware that this problem exists. Quillen says that he has coached for 12 years and has seen progress in the sport over the years.

There are many misconceptions and confusion about what it is and how to treat it.

“The truth is, it’s not the motoric behaviour that’s the hallmark of this disorder,” Dr. Elena Reyes, a clinical psychologist at Lee Memorial Health System, says.

This means that ADHD affects children’s ability to plan and execute daily tasks. According to the US, 1 in 5 children are suffering from ADHD. Approximately 3.5 million kids are currently taking ADHD drugs. Doctors say that ADHD drugs can make a big difference in your life.

“Medication is sometimes necessary to allow the child to concentrate. “We have good research that suggests children who are properly diagnosed and treated with medication can do well,” Dr. Reyes says.

Although medication is the most popular ADHD treatment, it’s not the only one. If parents are willing to buy into behavior management, it is possible to successfully control impulses.

“We teach students how to organize themselves, stop thinking, and how to manage their work, their behavior, and how to handle their homework. This usually involves parent management. Dr. Reyes says that if a child isn’t able to organize themselves, how can you, as a parent, structure them so they are successful?”

Unlock your A-Game!

Ralph believes the structure is important in sports.

“I now see more high school students who are being medicated than when I started coaching. Quillen says that sports are more of an outlet for athletes – it actually helps them.”

It’s the same end goal: Helping kids find their focus

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