True Lifestyles ADHD: A DVD Survival Manual for Children and Children Preview

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We’re fully chuffed to affirm the liberate of a thrilling new DVD, True Lifestyles ADHD, unbiased appropriate for kids, preteens, and young adults. The video substances advice about dwelling with ADD and ADHD by the teenage years from the valid consultants – 30 children from 12 states ranging in age from 12 to 21. Talking from their absorb personal experiences, these formative years present up-to-date scientific facts plus advice on six ADHD challenges. A Seattle physician, Dr. Mandelkorn also tells about his expertise dwelling with ADHD plus classes realized as he has specialised in treating sufferers with ADHD. Six of the kids are also featured in our partner data, A Bird’s-Undercover agent Knowing of Lifestyles with ADD and ADHD: Perry, Kati, Katie, Erik, Kyle, and Nathan. These children give advice on a huge differ of considerations: 10 Key scientific Details about ADD and ADHD, Inattention, disorganization, forgetfulness, impulsivity, Hyperactivity, ADHD medications and lists severe academic resources for formative years and children with ADD and ADHD. The DVD is hosted by two grownup with ADHD: Alex and his highschool buddy, Lewis Alston, a favored Atlanta Radio DJ/VJ. Alex will be the videographer and editor of the video.

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