Understood Explains | ADHD remedy without remedy: What are my alternatives?

Better Brain, Better Game!

There are an infinite preference of the way to contend with ADHD without remedy — or besides to remedy. Learn about a wide preference of ADHD therapies, from remedy to free apps and instruments. Host Dr. Roberto Olivardia also talks about social and web page of job helps. Listen as he solutions fundamental questions, relish whether diet or supplements can encourage with ADHD.

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00:51 Can ADHD be treated without remedy?
01:54 What’s cognitive behavior remedy?
04:19 What are some fundamental coping mechanisms for treating ADHD?
05:Fifty three How can social helps encourage with ADHD?
07:Fifty three How can assistive expertise encourage with ADHD?
08:43 Might perhaps well peaceable I trade my diet or take supplements to encourage with ADHD?
09:41 What about web page of job accommodations for ADHD?
10:31 Key takeaways, subsequent episode, and credit

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