Understood Explains | How form I emotionally put together for ADHD diagnosis?

Reduction. Infuriate. Anguish. Getting recognized with ADHD can enlighten up a differ of emotions. Host Dr. Roberto Olivardia explains what to ogle and the procedure in which you may possibly well perhaps presumably also job big emotions so you may possibly well perhaps presumably also assign transferring ahead. Get solutions to traditional questions, delight in how imposter syndrome is related to ADHD.

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00:47 How can I put together emotionally for ADHD diagnosis?
02:04 Why is ADHD diagnosis this kind of relief for some folks?
04:44 Why does ADHD diagnosis on the total lead to anger and danger?
06:01 What’s imposter syndrome? And the procedure in which is it related to ADHD?
07:52 Key takeaways, subsequent episode, and credit

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