Vaping Increases The Risk of Depression

Researchers at Johns Hopkins published a study in December 2019 showing a link between e-cigarettes and depression. This isn’t the first such study. There have been many others. There is a bidirectional relationship between depression and vaping. Vaping can lead to depression and vaping can increase the severity of depression. The scientific community requires that all study results be replicated before ideas are accepted. This means that we must see the same results or conclusions from multiple studies, with large sample sizes and random controls.

Another name for electronic cigarettes is vaping. E-cigarettes can be powered by batteries and use liquids containing nicotine or other substances such as cannabis to vaporize them. Instead of inhaling smoke from traditional cigarettes, you inhale the vapor. These vapors were designed to help you quit smoking tobacco. To quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

E-juice or nicotine liquid is created by extracting nicotine from tobacco, and then mixing it with a base such as propylene glycol. They then add flavor. These are inhaled into the lungs and can be more harmful than smoking cigarettes. Even though you’re not inhaling any leaves, you can be exposed to other toxic substances that are present in the liquid.

Why is this causing or worsening depression?

Even if you ignore other toxicities, nicotine prolonged exposure can disrupt the dopamine pathways and increase stress sensitivity. Nicotine can also increase oxidative stress in cells and free radical formation. This is what I discussed in a video that I made about how oxidative stresses affect your brain and are linked to several mental illnesses.

Teenagers have taken to vaping. Recent news has highlighted the dangers of vaping-related lung diseases. This is quite alarming, but it’s also possible to get depression from vaping. The effect may not be immediately apparent. The study found that some people who quit vaping developed depression later. Vaping can lead to depression long-term, so it is important not to vape in the short term.

Video on Oxidative Stress –

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