Where to Find Cannabis News


Where to Find Cannabis News

Cannabis news

Cannabis News

Cannabis news is an important resource, and can help you keep up to date with the current trends in the industry. It covers everything from cannabis laws and ordinances to community gatherings and events. There are numerous publications podcasts, websites and websites that offer useful information. Here are a few of the most popular sources. You may also be interested in a specific publication, such as Green Market Report which focuses on cannabis laws as well as financial reporting, business trends, and other news.

The New York Cannabis Control Board held its first meeting on Tuesday, and the public was invited to view the meeting on the internet. The CCB is making changes to the state’s medical marijuana program. This includes allowing dispensaries and qualified patients to sell cannabis products. However the cultivation of cannabis at home for patients is not permitted. However, Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright, who chairs the CCB, announced that the body is determined to develop guidelines on home-grown cannabis and that the issue would be a topic for the next board meeting.

What’s new in cannabis?

There are several websites where you can get the latest news on the cannabis industry. For instance, you could sign up to the newsletter of the Green Market Report, which has more than 150,000 subscribers every month. This newsletter offers curated content focused on the top cannabis companies as well as their latest news. It also includes an overview of the industry’s important legislation and analysis of recent developments.

Another way to get the latest information about cannabis is via social consumption websites. These websites are similar to bars, and permit you to buy cannabis and drink it like alcohol. If you are over 21, you may be able share it with friends. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other cannabis consumers and learn about the latest developments.

Cannabis is a flowering plant genus that contain hundreds of different compounds called phytocannabinoids. These compounds affect the brain and body in various ways. Marijuana has the highest concentration of THC while hemp has a lower amount of the psychoactive substance THC. The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates hemp, but this is not the case with marijuana. New research is being done on cannabis and the effects it has on different parts. The effects of cannabis depend on age, mode of use, and the amount of THC that is used. The more potent the effects the stronger, the more THC is present.

Cannabis updates

The Canadian Cannabis Awards is a new award for cannabis users. This prestigious ceremony recognizes excellence in Canada’s cannabis market. The event is comprised of 24 categories that include voter-driven and judged categories. Experts from the panel select the winners and nominations from members of the industry or from the public.

A good source for news and updates on cannabis is Green Market Report, an online publication dedicated to the cannabis industry. This website was created in 2017 and has more than 150,000 monthly users. It covers legal and business trends. The publication also has a section about marijuana products. The latest information and news on the cannabis industry is also available, including New York City’s involvement in the case. The lawsuit filed by the city claimed the logos used by the dispensary did not have trademarks registered with the city.

Many cannabis news websites offer comprehensive information and analysis of the stocks of cannabis. HIGH TIMES Magazine is a magazine that is focused on the medical marijuana industry. It also features articles from patients and providers. Another online publication is Canna Law Blog, which is focused on the practical aspects of marijuana law. It also includes an inventory of marijuana retail shops.

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