Why Fish Oil Is Good For You and Helps Your Brain

Better Brain, Better Game!

The benefits of fish oil are numerous. This video focuses on omega 3 fatty acids. Fish oil is rich in omega fatty oils. I will be focusing on how Omega 3 fatty acid can help with depression and other mental disorders.

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Do you prefer to skip ahead? Here’s a summary
0: 00 start
0: 52 The building blocks of fighting inflammation in your body
are Omega 3 fatty acid.1: 02 Inflammation and swelling are not the same
1: 19 Inflammation causes many illness in the body
1: 28 Cool visual of hardening the arteries
1: 37 What causes inflammation in the brain.
2: 25 Where can I find Omega 6?
2: 40 Where can I find Omega 3?
2: 52 Names of the Omega-3 fatty acid
3: 04 American Heart Association recommendations for fish consumption to avoid supplementation
3: 50 General recommendations for fish oil supplementation
4: 27 What is the problem with flaxseed being your sole source
?5: 44 A sample of a fish-oil pill and a taste test of the oil
6: 23 Here’s the reason it’s called Omega-3 Fatty Acids (if you’re interested in trivia )

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